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By visiting this site, you have probably taken the most important step for your financial success as a trader in the energy markets.

Hi, I’m Henry Marchell, Managing Director of Stanton Analytics. In my 32 years trading commodities, I have helped thousands of professional traders produce consistent and reliable results, particularly in the Oil Market. Our long list of customers includes Shell, Chevron and Conoco, as well as JP Morgan, Bank of America –ML, and Citi, among the financial institutions.

As a trader and mentor to many successful professional traders in the oil market today, we at Stanton Analytics have decided to bring our expertise to a broader spectrum of the trading community, to help people, such as yourself, achieve the same consistent results the professionals do.

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Benefits to you

  • Have consistent earnings with your trading
  • Trade with total Confidence
  • Trade with the exact same information that the big corporations use to trade
  • Benefit from more than 32 years of experience
  • Use the power of a mastermind to trade by consulting anytime of the trading day with the Master Traders of Stanton Analytics

Why should I join?

Stanton Analytics is perfect for any trader who’s looking and perhaps even struggling to make money in the energy markets.

Hundreds of institutional, as well as, individual traders around the world have already learned from Stanton Analytics, taken action, and benefited tremendously from the more than 32 years of experience trading the energy markets.


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